Having Fun at Work

Well, this week is a whole of fun!  This morning we started four new Discipleship Classes.  We don’t call them Sunday School because when we did no one came.  Now that we call them “Discipleship Classes” lots of people come.  Go figure!?  Our Fall Discipleship Classes (12 weeks long) feature the following options:


PRISM Weight Loss Program


Portraits of Jesus: according to John

africaMissions Alive: Africa (for our children)

Picture 1 07-51-37

Leviticus: Holiness Unto the Lord

In addition to new Discipleship Classes our Fall Community Groups start this week as well.  These are 12 week groups of 5-15 people who get together to study God’s word, make new friends, serve the body and serve their neighbors.  Every semester you get to choose a new class, make new friends, and serve with new people.

I also got to baptize a brother in Christ today.  Awesome!  Equally awesome is the way our people are starting to meet Jesus at His table during communion.  We started a second service on Saturday nights (Saturday Night Life) to reach some of our unchurched school families.  They haven’t had communion yet and some of our Sunday morning families who are part of the effort are starting to ask, “When are gonna come to the Lord’s table?  I miss that?”  We had a lady serve communion today who was in tears by the end.  Serving communion brings you face to face with the members of the body like nothing else does at our church.  What an amazing opportunity to look into the face of God’s people.

We trying to figure out how to have meals after gathered worship every Sunday.  We know we can feed people hot dogs for $.17 per dog, but we’d like to offer something a little more nutritious.  Anyhow, we’re going to start hanging out with people for lunch beginning next week.

So many fun things going on and visible signs that God’s hand is in this place.  Praise the Lord!


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