Praying to the Saints

I have for some time been intrigued by the idea of praying to the saints though I know not what it means.  On the one hand I can understand that we pray to the Father, through Jesus Christ, our mediator and that should be enough.  On the other hand I can sympathize with those who see praying to the saints as asking them to pray on their behalf.  We do this now with people who are far less likely to know how to pray (i.e. our prayer chains).  “Well the saints are dead,” I can hear you say.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Perhaps we should have more discussions of life, death, resurrection, paradise and heaven.  I don’t know.

However, I did run across a quote today from John Wesley today as I was preparing for a sermon on Luke 16:19-31,

“Father Abraham, have mercy on me” (v24) – It cannot be denied, but here is one precedent in Scripture of praying to departed saints: but who is it that prays, and with what success? Will any, who considers this, be fond of copying after him? (Wesley’s Notes on the Bible)

I take it that Rev. John Wesley was not fond of praying to the saints.  However, I haven’t done enough research to know if this is true or not.


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