The language of Tim: A Dictionary

Billex: a blanket, more specifically HIS blanket.  Out of six kids he is the only one with a security blanket, the gingham blue, white and yellow comforter from his crib. He holds it with one hand and sucks the thumb of the hand holding the blanket, Linus style.

10-19-08 012

Glok-Glok Miyek:  a chocolatey drink made from white milk and chocolate syrup.  Tim has been known to get a very full jug of milk out of the fridge and carry it to me, with pleading eyes, repeating the above phrase and has found it very successful.

Mell-my:  A silly and snotty thing to say.  In a move of blissful ignorance we watched a PG movie for family night.  A bully in the film told a substitute teacher his name was Smellmai.  His last name was Buttcrack.  Timmy either picked it up right away or learned it from siblings who were too smart to say it around their parents.  So, if Tim is annoyed at someone or wants to get attention he simply has to say… while wiggling his hips, “Hi, Mell-my Bum Bum!”

Cough Drip: the singular of cough drop.  Something Tim has an uncanny ability to find, no matter where I hide the bag.


One thought on “Timeze

  1. The choc. milk reminded me of my oldest son Tom when he was about 3 and was a very good at talking (still is at 41). Anyway he tagged a strange name for milk and we never did find out how or where he got it. He would come to me and say, “Mom, may I please have a glass of nimboo?”

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