Best Birthday in a decade

11-02-09 039

We had the privelege of going camping with some friends, the Silos family, from church.  Zaccai and their daughter, Hannah, were born 1 day apart so we had a weekend of celebrating… and catching minnows.

11-02-09 055

Zaccai decorated his cake in a nature theme.  Our time at Guajome park was wonderful.  There was a balance of natural terrain and manicured lawn and play areas for the kids.  They loved feeding the ducks and Aravis couldn’t get enough of the swings.





11-02-09 062








11-02-09 096










It was lots of fun having the grandparents come play.  The park was 1 mile from the Silos’ home so the folks walked down on Friday to have a birthday lunch with us.

11-02-09 192








We found out that Gina is pretty good at duck duck goose.

11-02-09 065








George and Melzar were awesome storytellers and we played games by the fire till we saw heads bobbing … mostly mine.

11-02-09 119







I loved letting the kids go off and ride bikes together.  The kind of childhood fun we used to have but are too careful to let our kids have now.  The buddy system worked great and they came back to camp only for food!


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