11-06-09 006

Homeschooling has challenged me as a mother and simply as an individual.  Not much of a planner and usually rebellious against structure I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to follow the curriculum.  But like I learned on the Prism weight loss program, structure and committment are keys to accomplishing our goals. 

I have been so pleased with the Sonlight curriculum.  We have enjoyed reading together.  Homeschooling requires me to do what I love most…. snuggle, nurture, educate and learn with my kids.  Its the stuff I used to do AFTER I got all my chores done; now its a priority so we get to do it everyday.  I am not as much of a pushover as I used to be, but I do get sat on occasionally.

11-06-09 007

Kaeli and Hannah are certain that glasses make them smarter so they’ve been wearing them, especially for lessons.

11-06-09 009

I am so thankful for this opportunity to teach my kids, to laugh together unhurriedly and discover things about the world and eachother.  It is always busy at our house but I feel peaceful.  Praise God!

Oh, I’ve been living in an Ah-Ha! I had earlier in the week.  I had felt anxious for no reason at all.  I couldn’t rest my body or my mind… why does that always happen when I try to Sabbath.  Well, I waited in my anxiousness prayerfully until the Lord shed light on what was amiss in my heartl.  I figured out that Gratitude is the path to Peace.  As I shifted my focus from all that must get done, or things I wanted to do, or things I thought I wanted and became thankful for a full life.  I experienced peace.  I imagined a black chaotic whirl of anxiety and a cobblestone path leading to Peace, all yellow and brilliant… kind of mixed with Joy.  Each rock on my cobblestone path was something I was grateful for.  This image has helped me keep perspective and a right attitude this week.


2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I appreciated your Ah-Ha moment. I can totally identify with that “black chaotic whirl of anxiety” – sometimes it feels like there is so much to get done and I can get snappy and overwhelmed. I will tuck that away in my heart for next time I feel like that. I am really glad you are enjoying homeschooling so much – I was intrigued when I saw you were homeschooling despite the fact you have a church school – we also have a school between us and another church, and I think it would be an issue to some people if we homeschooled – but I want to make the best choice for my children and for my family – I have spent a lot of time thinking it over lately. Anyways. Longest comment ever… 🙂

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