Learning Community 2009

I’m at the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry right now attended Learning Community.  LC is a time when all of the FM pastors in SoCal get together in community to learn (hence Learning Community).  This year we are hearing about caring for the soul.

I am extremely happy that I am here.  I believe this is God’s time and place for me today and tomorrow.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in me during the next 24 hours.

Crystal and I have been working on three simple rules with our children: (1) do no harm; (2) do all the good you can do; (3) stay in love with Jesus.  As a pastor the first two are really easy to do and have visible, tangible effects.  The third, however, is a matter of the interior life and can easily be neglected.  This conference is all about rule three.  I’ll share more as I process all the wonderful information that is coming in.

One final thought … None of this is new to me.  I’ve read Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen.  I truly believe what is new is the disposition of my heart (read, brokenness of my heart).


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