My Bubbly Tub

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My Mom recently sent me a book titled “Five Minutes Peace”.  Its about this elephant momma who is trying to have just five minutes peace… all to herself.  Her kids end up following her everywhere … even jumping in the tub with her, jammies and all…and she ends up back in the messy kitchen with a piece of toast and the newspaper. I am very much familiar with this hide and go seek that happens with mothers and small children. 

This morning  I tried to take a bubble bath. Aravis had been up since 4:20 with molars coming in and neither of us had gone back to sleep.  I poured a generous amount of high quality peach scented bubble bath to create a warm and fragrant froth.  The sweet aroma and roar of the hot water attracted a crowd.  Little sleepy heads popped into the bathroom like crocus flowers at the first hint of spring.

11-14-09 056








Their glee at the big tub of bubbles was more irresistable than my desire to soak. I quickly stripped them and slipped them into the bath. And for me?… delicious pictures to relish as I sit in my jammies…still.


One thought on “My Bubbly Tub

  1. great story! Thanks for letting your readers share your life with you. And laugh!! Laughing mostly cause I live that story, too.

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