What Good is Faith?

I’ve started a new series at church called Foundations.  During Advent I will be preaching a series of sermons that are adaptations of John Wesley’s first four sermons (in the Standard Sermons): Salvation by Faith, The Almost Christian, Awake, Thou that Sleepest (this is actually Charles Wesley), and The Scripture Way of Salvation.  Preaching Wesley is not plagiarism for at least three reasons.  First, I’m telling you that I’m doing it.  Second, John Wesley had his sermons recorded (especially the 52 in his Standard Sermons) so that they could be distributed to his pastors for preaching.  Third, I am not simply reading his sermons.  I am preaching from a well-meditated and thoughtful heart with direction from John and Charles Wesley.  This past Sunday’s sermon was “What Good is Faith?”

John Wesley’s original sermon, “Salvation by Faith.”

If you want a solid resource that brings Wesley’s sermons into modern English then try Dr. Kinghorn’s three-volume set: John Wesley on Christian Beliefs, John Wesley on the Sermon on the Mount, and John Wesley on Christian Practice.


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