Having Fun

Joy (I’ll call her that since she brings joy the community) showed up about six months ago.  She asked for a verse to “work on” so I gave her Philippians 2:1-4.  The next week she had several pages of color coded exegetical work that was quite impressive.  She asked for another verse.  She now asks others for verses and continues to apply herself to the study of God’s word.

A few weeks ago she wanted to know if we ever did anything fun.  I told her to fell free to organize something and have at it.  So, trying to figure out how to have fun, be faithful and stay away from her old destructive habits (alcohol) she came up with a plan.  She listed her resources: a bar-b-q grill, hotdogs, and a brother in Christ who had 180 pairs of socks (an OCD thing).  So, they took the socks, the grill and the hotdogs down to the park and distributed them.  She wanted to have fun so they set out to feed the hungry and cloth the naked.  How awesome is that?!


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