Don’t Give Up

John and his wife used to be a pastoral couple.  They left the Catholic church and became Protestant pastors.  After a car accident they found themselves quickly sinking down in debt.  They left the ministry, are out of work, have no money and are ready to call it quits.  John’s wife has turned her back on God and encourages John to do the same thing.  Their story sounds a lot like Job’s story.  They’re asking the same question as Job, too, “Why?”

We may never know why.  What I know is that we have a food pantry that can keep food in their bellies.  We have people with generous hearts who can pray and give.  John needed help to keep his electric on.  On Sunday I told him to pray and come see me on Wednesday.  He needed $102 and when he stopped by on Wednesday someone had dropped off $100 for him.  I kicked in the extra $2.  Maybe God isn’t done with John.  At least that is how John felt when he left my office.  I’m curious to see how God works in this couple’s lives.


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