Bonhoeffer and Vischer

Here are some thoughts from The Cost of Discipleship

“From the human point of view everything looks hopeless, but Jesus sees things with different eyes.” – Bonhoeffer

In Jesus Christ we are “plenipotentiaries of his word.” (plenipotentiary = a person invested with full authority) – Bonhoeffer

“All the activity of the disciples is subject to the clear precept of the Lord.  They are not left free to choose their own methods or adopt their own conception of their task.  Their work is to be Christ-work, and therefore they are absolutely dependent on the will of Jesus.” – Bonhoeffer

In his book, Me, Myself and Bob, Phil Vischer writes,

“Phil.  That’s who I was.  But who is Phil?  I mean, exactly?  What does he do?  How far will he go?  Where will he be in five years?  Ten years?  Twenty?  That of course is none of my business.”

In the center of God’s will … loving God, loving each other and loving others. – George


One thought on “Bonhoeffer and Vischer

  1. George – I like it. I really like it. I’ve never been much of a planner, yet I don’t want to be like a paper cup blown about by the wind. To be fully in God’s will and rest in that… its enough. It’s not very American and it may not seem the most responsible… but I think the long term benefits outweigh the temporary ridiculousness. P.S. I like you.

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