My Eschatology (or End Times Theology)

Below are links to my recent sermon series “Worthy is the Lamb.”  For 12 weeks (one sermon wasn’t recorded) we looked at the book of Revelation.  We agreed that we would come with as open minds as possible leaving aside anything that could not be proved by scripture and embracing that which could.  As a result of my study I have come up with the timeline below.  I must thank Dr. Robert Mulholland of Asbury Theological Seminary for his insights into Revelation.  If you don’t have time to listen to all of the sermons then I recommend the final sermon, “Your Kingdom Come.”

Below is a common contemporary eschatological timeline that many who fall under the label “conservative evangelical Christian” adhere to in their end times theology.  I have included some implications that I perceive by reading Revelation in this way.

This is my timeline.  Again, in order to fully understand how I arrive at this you will need to listen to the whole series but if you don’t have time “The Millennium” will help summarize.

Worthy is the Lamb

Setting the Net: Christ is Risen

Seven (Part 1)

Seven (Part 2)

Deep Heaven


Jazz Riff

God the Mother

The Beast

Redemptive Wrath

Discerning Babylon in Our Midst

The Millennium

Your Kingdom Come


One thought on “My Eschatology (or End Times Theology)

  1. Mulholland was a great teacher, I was glad to have Revelation with him. Thanks for sharing your charts with us, I am a fan on anyone will to dive into Johns Apocalypse.

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