Welcome Home Charlie

Joe (that’s his real name) has been praying for his friend Charlie for three years now.  He’s invited him to church several times but Charlie has never come.  Charlie came on Sunday.  He told Joe he didn’t want to be introduced, he didn’t want to make any decisions, and he didn’t want to pray any prayers.  Within 5 minutes of the start of the service Charlie introduced himself and asked how he could be forgiven of his sins.

On Sunday we looked at the content of evangelism using the Lord’s Prayer as our model. Everyone had a handout with the prayer broken down line by line.  Each handout had one of the lines in caps lock.  Charlie’s handout said “FORGIVE US OUR SINS AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US.”  After he introduced himself he said, “On this handout, number four (referring to the line above), how do I get that?  How do I get my sins forgiven?”  Charlie wanted us to “reborn” so I had his friend Joe pray with him and Charlie gave his life to Jesus.  How awesome is that?


One thought on “Welcome Home Charlie

  1. Oh George, this makes me cry. Praise God for his unbelievable grace, for his is the God of second chances -the God of infinite Grace, and he is always there to receive us, no matter there we are in our life.
    Welcome, Charlie!! May God hold you and drench you in his infinite love as you pursue a relationship with him.


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