Anonymous Letter Policy

Here are some thoughts on anonymous letters from my Superintendent that I have slightly modified.  This is our policy at Light & Life.

Anonymous letters are harmful on several levels.

First, and obviously, every person is innocent until proven guilty and therefore has the right to face their accusers.  When a person attacks anonymously there is no way to followup on the veracity of the concern such that a true evaluation can be made. This means that if there is a real problem, it actually undermines a healthy evaluative and accountability process.  It actually makes whatever the concern is worse.

Second, although such communication is discarded before they land in the trash can someone has to read it.  This places a potential difficulty in the life of the reader and in the ministry.  We pray that we are able to forget the things that have no basis in fact – and if there is fact to have an appropriate moment in which healthy and holy communication occurs so we can deal with the situation.

In the end, anonymous letters only harm the situation more than they help.


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