Looking Down the Road

It seems like everyone has a mission statement these days. Companies, churches, teams, families and individuals all have mission statements.  I like mission statements – if they’re good.  However, there is a danger in looking too far down the road.  Here are a few unintended consequences of looking too far down the road:

  • our egos become inflated by things we haven’t even accomplished yet
  • the future distracts us from God’s will today
  • focuses on outcome instead of character

Looking down the road is good, but only if it doesn’t take your eyes off the task at hand.  Speaking of which, what is the task at hand?  For me it is husbandry, fathering and pastoring.  I must hold on to everything else loosely.  And since I only have two hands I’ll hold on to the first two if things get tough.  I have big plans and dreams for ministry but in the end I must live in the center of God’s will and do what is asked of me today.


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