Back in School

Well, I’ve gone back to school … sort of.  I am now teaching 7th grade at Light & Life Christian School.  The great thing about teaching 7th grade is that I’m not in 7th grade.  Really, who actually cared that a pedologist is a scientist who studies soil when they were in 7th grade?  Not me.  I’m also learning the subtle differences between physical weathering, exfoliation and erosion.  That’s just science!  I’m teaching algebra, grammar (all those comma rules – who knows what an appositive phrase is?), history (New World), literature, and theology.  How exciting!  I have a class blog if you want to visit it.  However, it is a little boring at this point.  As I have time I’ll spice it up a little.  Now, I just have to figure out how to pastor and teach at the same time …


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