More Thoughts on “Four Kinds of Monks”

So, as I have been praying and dreaming some more thoughts have come my way regarding RB1 – Four Kinds of Monks.  It seems that what every church needs is a discipleship process.  If you google “Discipleship Process” you will get all sorts of results.  What struck me today as I was reading the Rule is that Cenobite-Christians make the best disciples.  They commit themselves to the community within which they live and worship.  They commit themselves to the “Rule” of that community – whether it be a Free Methodist community, an independent community, or something else.  They commit themselves to the authority of the leaders.  Perhaps Anchorite-Christians are those who go on to become church planters, pastors, ministry leaders, etc.  They have proven themselves to be Godly, competent and capable.

Unfortunately, there are also the Sarabaite-Christians and the Gyrovague-Christians.  They too long for community, but they want it on their own terms.  They create quasi-communities in which they are their own “Rule” and their own “Abbots.”  It seems likely then that the first step in discipleship is to help people identify what kind of monks they are.  So, based on the last five years of your life, what kind of monk are you?

  1. Have you committed yourself to a local church? (How many times have you “church shopped” in the last five years?)
  2. Have you placed your life under its “rule”? (Do you know what your church believes and do you live accordingly?)
  3. Have you submitted to its leadership? (Do you know your pastor’s vision for discipleship and are you actively engaged in it?)
  4. Are you committed to growing in grace? (Are you seeing changes in your life – the very core of your life – from who you were five years ago?)

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