Thoughts from Jail

This morning I woke up, put on my clerical collar and headed down to the San Diego Central Jail.  I left around 5:45 and arrived at 6:30.  I spent the next 30 minutes trying to find a place to park that didn’t cost $22 (I found one for $17) and where I was supposed to be at 7:15.  I found the jail and sat in the waiting room for an hour.  At 8:15 I went up to the 6th floor and sat in front of the window (there really is a phone!) and waited.  8:30 … still waiting.  8:45  … still waiting.  At this point I prayed Philippians 4:4-9 for the person I was supposed to be visiting.  9:00 … still waiting and I began to pray like this:

Lord, if I am supposed to talk with this guy please send him up.  If not, maybe you can explain why I am in San Diego.  Amen.

9:15 … done waiting.  I still had plenty of time on my expensive parking permit, wanted to see a little more of downtown San Diego, and hadn’t had any coffee yet.  So I headed down the road and found a bagel shop and sat down with a cup of coffee and over the next two hours prayerfully read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero.  Here are few insights that came as a result of this time of solitude:

When faced with an addiction (or brokenness or deeply ingrained unhealthy-habit) of any kind we must ask ourselves a few questions:

  • What am I hoping to experience through this?
  • What is the kingdom way to experience this?
  • What real need (or brokenness) is driving this?
  • What kingdom resource is available to me to meet this need or heal this brokenness?
  • Is there some discipline that can aid in this movement toward the kingdom?

And a couple of (semi-)quotes:

“The quickest way to reach the sun is not to chase after it by running west, but to run east into the darkness until you meet the sunrise.”

“Churches are filled with “leaking” Christians who have not treated their emotions as a discipleship issue.”

(Good book so far.  When I’m done I’ll post a review.)



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