Implications of the Resurrection

In preparation for Resurrection Sunday I did a Google search of “implications of the resurrection” and was surprised by what I found … nothing!  I thought this odd since we preachers preach on this once a year and and several times in between during funerals.  The Apostle Paul goes so far as to say that if Christ wasn’t raised from the dead then our preaching is in vain and we’re all to be pitied more than fools.  So, here are some of the implications or benefits of the resurrection as I see them:

  1. we are justified before God – our position is changed before God and we are no longer enemies of God, but can have peace with God (Rom 4:25-5:11)
  2. we get to walk in newness of life – not only our position changes, but our condition is made new as well (Rom 6:4); this means I no longer have to be the person I was before becoming a disciple of Jesus, I get to be a brand new me!
  3. we will be raised as Jesus was – death is not the end of the story for us; we get to be raised with glorified bodies just as Jesus was raised (Rom 6:5)
  4. we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us – the connection between this verse and Jesus’ resurrection is not as clear but if Jesus remained in the tomb then he would not have sent the Holy Spirit and would not be interceding on our behalf
I’m sure there are many more implications.  I hope this resurrection season we will meditate on the resurrection and begin to live in light of the empty tomb.  Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed!

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