A Little Piece of Heaven

Darla Jean King ~ September 13, 1960 - October 18, 2011

I had a glimpse of what I think heaven might be like today.  I know, Beggs, OK isn’t exactly what I thought heaven would be like either, but today it was.  As friends and family gathered for my mother’s funeral today I begin to recognize people.  I didn’t know them in the sense of having met them before, but in that they look vaguely familiar sort of way.  As I introduced myself to them I realized why they looked so familiar – we were related.  I was seeing the Adkison side of my family in each and every face.  This was family.

Then it dawned on me … this must be what heaven is going to be like.  We will see people and they will look vaguely familiar.  We won’t recognize them because we’ve seen them before but because we’re family, created in the image of God.  We will see the Christ side of the family in them.  What a glorious reunion that will be when we get to see each other as God created us and not through the broken lenses we’ve created for ourselves.

The funeral itself went well.  It was clear that my mom’s greatest strength was Woo – Winning Others Over.  Everyone loved my mother.  It didn’t matter if she knew you for 10 years or 10 minutes, she had the ability to make you feel like she was your best friend.  She almost always had a smile on and rarely had a mean word to say about anybody.

Mom, I will miss you, your smile, and your silly antics.  I know that God’s mercy is over all God’s works and perhaps one day I will recognize you again.  I love you.


5 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Heaven

  1. George, It was a great service in memory of your mother. She will be missed. She was a lot like your Grandmother that you never met, Ella King. Ella never met a stranger, never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and was always the first to help with a burden. Darla was the same way. We are ALL a little richer and certainly better off having known her, and just a little bit more empty with her passing. While I don’t know her relationship with the Lord at her death, I hope to see again in Glory when I arrive.

    Give Crystal and the Kids our love and know that we hold you up underneath the Cross as you serve our Saviour.

  2. Pastor George,
    This brought tears to my eyes, not sad ones, but happy ones just hearing heaven describe in this way is very touching. Knowing that one day I will see the family that I have lost throughout the years makes my heart smile. I know God is watching over you and your family and I pray for continued comfort and a safe trip home. God bless you guys 🙂

  3. What a beautiful realization, George. Thank you for so openly sharing your heart. We love you so much and you, the family and all of Darla’s loved one’s are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. What an awesome blog! I enjoyed reading your insights and feelings. You brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my spirit. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Stay blessed and traveling mercy to you and your family as you make your way home to us at Light & Life Escondido.

  5. I love you, George. You are a treasure. I pray you will have the time and opportunity to grieve and process ~ that God will provide others to take up some of your responsibilities for a time. As you know – lean into God. Love you, Jane

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