Addiction and Worship

In his book, 7 habits of Highly Effective People (reviewed here), Stephen Covey talks about becoming principle centered.  I speak of becoming Word centered.  The diagram below explains what happens when anything becomes the center of our lives, the object of our worship.

Object of Our WorshipWhatever lies at the center of our lives influences our guidance, security, wisdom, and power.  For example, if money lies at the center of our lives – if we serve mammon – then we are only secure when our bank account is full.  If we are money centered then our wisdom comes from the saying, “Money makes the world go round.”  We are only able to act insofar as we have the funds to do so.  Instead of God we seek the advice of Wall Street or our broker.  The Word centered life is quite different as seen in the diagram below.

Word Centered


Addiction, it has been argued, is a form of worship.  Why?  Because addiction consumes the individual from the inside out becoming the center of life.  Worship is where we discoer our true identity, our consuming purpose, our motivation, and meaning for life.  Kent Dunnington offers the following formulas in his book Addiction and Virtue (162).  Simply replace the word addiction with whatever lies at the center of your life and you’ll see why being anything but Word centered (Word = living Word, i.e. Christ, and written word, i.e. Scripture) at a time such as this is dangerous.

Fragmentation + Addiction = Identity

Arbitrariness + Addiction = Consuming Purpose

Boredom + Addiction = Stimulation

Vacuity + Addiction = Meaning

How is the disciple of Jesus to respond to this?  What is the church to do about this?

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