Foundry Summer

Foundry Garden Box Day 1
Building Garden Boxes

This summer The Foundry Escondido hosted Foundry Days.  Every Saturday we invited the community to join us in exploring and learning some new skills , making new friends, and having tons of fun.  June was all about backyard gardening.  To begin with we tore down a fence for a couple in the church (both with serious back issues) and put up a new one.  Major props to The Foundry Youth who led this project up!  We used the old fence planks and some recycled 2x4s to build garden boxes at a cost of $0.99 each!

Foundry Garden Box Day 2
Garden Boxes Ready to Grow

The following week we held a seminar on composting and taught those in attendance how to get started recycling their junk into useable fertilizer!  We looked at composting methods for those living in small apartments to those with acreage to spare – everyone can compost!  After composting we hosted a seminar on what to plant, how to tend the garden, and when to harvest.  Of course, no summer garden would be complete without learning how to cook what you’ve grown.  So, we held a seminar on how to build and use your own solar cooker!

July was arts and crafts month.  We braved scrapbooking.  We made kazoos and other instruments (with our very own rising star Suzanne Harper).  We also learned how to dance … Michael Jackson style!  Who knew anyone could have this much fun?!

Foundry Fishing Day
Learned how to cast and caught a fish all in the same day!

Finally, August took us outdoors for frisbee golf and fishing.  We played casting golf.  That’s right, casting golf.  We set up 5 gallon buckets at various distances and cast our weights in hope of landing a hole in one.  Absolutely the most fun we had all summer.  Everyone is an expert caster when they’re trying to hit the lake, but a bucket, hmm ….

Every Saturday night we hosted our 2nd annual BBQ Theology where we sat around and discussed theological issues over some fabulous BBQ dinners.  We looked at issues of faith, doubt, sexuality, the church, the Bible, Hell, money and creation.

Lunch & Bingo
B 13 … Bingo!

Every Tuesday we invited anyone needed a nice lunch and safe place to hang out to an afternoon of soup, sandwiches and Bingo.  Before you call the Bishop and report that we’re gambling please know that we played for Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pops.  (I’m not going to lie, there was some cheating going on.)

The best part is that we made new friends, strengthened old friendships and showed our community that the church knows how to have fun.


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