Get the Ground Level

2013-08-16 13.42.22

I’m leveling a small section of my upper lot.  The plowing is difficult as the ground is decomposed granite.  However, the skid loader seems to do the job.  The only problem is that it takes quite a bit of time to get the ground level.  I’ve spent about 6 hours on it and am maybe half way done.  Now, if I back drag across what I’ve done it looks pretty good.  Almost good enough to start building on.  The problem is that I know the ground isn’t ready; it’s only been covered up.

The Lord shared with me this thought: don’t do that with your life; don’t make it look good enough.  I want you to do the hard work of getting the ground level and building a sound foundation.  Having nice top soil isn’t enough if you are going to weather life’s storms.

So I ask myself, how level is my foundation?  Am I simply trying to look good enough or am I willing to let the Holy Spirit remove the top soil to reveal what’s underneath?


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