God’s Love

Love is a fairly important concept in scripture.  Without it we are loud, clanging cymbals.  Without it we are irritable, rude, wrong keepers.  Before we can become something other than we are we must be possessed by love.  Try as we might we will never love until we realize how much we are loved.  We often resist the truth that God first loved us.  We tell ourselves, “God can’t love me, I still mess up,” or “I’m not really doing that much with my life, how can God love me,” or “I’m nobody.”  God’s word says otherwise.

While we were still weak, at the right moment, Christ died for ungodly people.  It isn’t often that someone will die for a righteous person, though someone might dare to die for a good person.  But God shows his love for us, because while were still sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:6-8 CEB)

God loved us while we were complete sinners.  How much more now that he is making whole and holy?

God loved us while were weak and insignificant.  How much more now that we can do all things through Jesus living lives of kingdom significance?

God loved us when we were nobodies, sending his Son to die for us.  How much more now that he calls us his children?

How will we respond to this love today?


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