When It All Clicks

Wesley - Do No HarmThe last couple of weeks have been rather emotionally exhausting for me.  However, in the midst of some personal struggles I had the opportunity to do what (I believe) I do best – teach.  I had the awesome privilege of teaching a Wesleyan Theology course with one of our sister churches.  When I get to talk about our faith and interact with students who ask good, tough questions I’m on cloud nine.  (Perhaps that is why I enjoy this same approach when it comes to teaching on Sundays.)

Wesley - George King

I also began teaching judo again as I started my own school – Kozoku Judo.  I registered 10 new students in the first week.  I’m planning on offering a free anti-bully program to students in Escondido throughout the year and a women’s self-defense course.

2014-01-08 17.37.48

All that to say, I love teaching!  It doesn’t really matter what the subject is (though theology, bible, and judo rank the highest), as long as I get to engage in the learning process and help others do the same.

So, do you know what you do best?  Do you have opportunities to do it?


One thought on “When It All Clicks

  1. You are a GREAT teacher George. I learned so much in those Survey of the Old & New Testament. What do I do best? I’m good with numbers. What opportunities do I have to do it? I count my blessings! 🙂

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