Time is Manna

As my sabbatical draws near to its end I find myself pulled in two directions, both based on the same lie.  On the one hand, I want to get back to the work of shepherding, planning, preaching and sharing good news with people.  On the other hand, having the time to read, to pray, to rest, and to be with my family is an amazing gift.  The lie driving both of these is that my time is limited and there won’t be enough to shepherd and read, to plan and pray, to preach and rest, to share good news and be with my family.  The problem is with my understanding of time.

As Israel wandered through the desert God provided them daily allotments of manna.  Everyone received this gift and it sustained them until they entered into Canaan.  Centuries later, Jesus told his disciples to pray like this, “Give us today our daily bread.”  Manna is daily.  Manna is sufficient.

If I were to look at time as manna I would discover that no matter how much we try to grab and steal we all get 24 hours, no more and no less.  In other words, no matter how much time we waste or try to save, we still only get 24 hours.  God’s gift of manna was sufficient.  If we view manna as a metaphor for time, then our 24 hours a day is sufficient.  Instead of trying to squeeze more in, or complaining there isn’t enough I would do well to be thankful and enjoy the manna God has given me.


2 thoughts on “Time is Manna

  1. Geo,  I really enjoyed reading this.  I guess it is because I am concerned that I seem to be physically unable to give all the time and effort that I should (or want to) be giving.  I understand the guilt thing.   The enemy supplies fake manna (tainted with guilt)  in abundance for anyone who wants to go out and daily pick it up. We must be careful and discriminating in our Manna gathering.  See you post-sabbatical.  ge

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