Blogging Past Sunday: 5 Steps to Dealing with Opposition

If you missed the last post (4 Ways to Become More Courageous) you should go read that first.  Why?  Cowards can’t handle opposition.  We either run away completely or feel the need to fight if we operate from a place of cowardice.  There’s a better way.  While I was thinking through how to write this post on dealing with opposition I ran across another blog post that does a great job.  So, instead of me re-inventing the wheel I’ll just send you to it.  While the article is written to preachers as the primary audience, the principles apply across the board.

5 Steps to Dealing with Opposition by Dr. Rick Flanders

Really, go read it and begin dealing with opposition in a healthy, biblical way.

First Post in Series: 4 Ways to Become More Courageous

Next Post in Series: 3 Ways to Live in Reality


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