Blogging Past Sunday: Community

Okay, last thought of the week here from Sunday’s sermon, Every Lasting Change, and this time it’s about community.  Every lasting change will require a healthy community of support and accountability.  When we look at the list of people involved in rebuilding the wall under Nehemiah’s leadership it’s clear that it took the whole people of Israel pitching in and doing their part. Community is absolutely necessary to making lasting change.

Some quick thoughts on finding community.

  1. don’t forsake the fellowship of believers – go to church; get to know the people you worship with; make your face recognizable; be the person who’s missed when not there
  2. get involved in a small group – we need acquaintances, but we also need close friends; study together, share together, fellowship together; practice the 40 or so “one another” verses found in Scripture
  3. join a band (or accountable group) – have a place you can share your failures over temptation and your victories, a place where you confess your sins to one another

When we’re seeking to make lasting change in our lives – individually or corporately – we’re gonna need some good and honest communication and fellowship at all levels of the social sphere.  Fellowship, or community, is the glue that holds us together.  Love covers over a multitude of sins.

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