The Contemplative Pastor: A Return to the Art of Spiritual Direction

Eugene Peterson should be among the voices from whom every pastor seeks wisdom.  In The Contemplative Pastor: Returning to the Art of Spiritual Direction, Peterson redefines the term pastor, gives insight into the invisible aspect of the pastor’s role, and offers the pastor examples of how the word can be made flesh anew through preaching […]

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Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness

Jerry Cook sets forth to articulate his philosophy of the church in Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness: Being Christians in a Non-Christian World.  While it would seem from the title that the book is about these three values they only appear intermittently throughout the book.  Rather than an articulation of love, acceptance and forgiveness, this book […]

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Review of “I Am a Follower”

Mine was a love-hate affair with Leonard Sweet’s latest book, I Am a Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus.  The premise of the book, “It’s never been about leading,” (from the front cover) has been a growing interest of mine in the midst of all the business-model-leadership books I have been asked […]

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Jesus Brought Friends

(sermon ~ Jesus Brought Friends ~ March 20, 2011 ~ Luke 19:1-10) Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he ~ he climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see ~ and as the Savior passed his way he looked up in the tree ~ […]

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Me, Myself and Bob

I have wanted to read this book since it first came out three years ago.  I probably had it in my hands to purchase at least 10 times in the last three years.  Why didn’t I?  I don’t know.  Maybe I thought reading about talking vegetables wasn’t very dignified.  Perhaps God was waiting to use […]

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